Fine curves precision designed to match your phone.
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The Cobra Wallet

The Cobra Wallet has fine curves, designed to match your phone. It's under half an inch thin and can hold 8 cards and a couple of bills.

Great Materials

The Cobra Wallet has two 316 stainless steel cores for rigidity, corrosion resistance, and RFID protection. The cores are covered with a plastic material called thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). A plastic material that is flexible, durable, and has excellent resistance to abrasion, oils, and grease.


At just under 0.5" thin the Cobra Wallet can hold up to 8 cards. When you open the Cobra Wallet, your most used cards are on top for quick access. There is also a hidden compartment on the inside of the wallet to hold a few bills, a key, or something.

Complement Your Phone

When we say that the Cobra Wallet complements your phone, we don’t mean just in looks. It's designed to let you stabilize and hold your phone for watching videos and taking pictures. It works whether you have an iPhone or an Android. It even works if your phone is in a case!

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